Trace elements: Just a trace amount makes a big difference. Be it for optimal blood formation, ideal energy supply, smooth cell division or a strong immune system, supplying your body with the right minerals is essential for maintaining a healthy metabolism. PANMOL® TRACES, made from quinoa seedlings using the patented PANMOL® process, offer a complex and balanced composition of 7 essential trace elements in a plant-based form.


Technical data:

  • Für capsules, tablets and oral powders

  • For foods

  • Not soluble

Active ingredients:

  • Biologically active trace elements

Possibilities for your innovative nutrient product:


  • Mental and physical performance deficiencies 

  • Metabolic disorders 

  • Cell division disorders 

  • Susceptibility to infections 

  • Metabolism of the nervous system 

  • Skin, hair, nails

Food groups:

  • Nutrient preparations 

  • Snacks and munchies 

  • Soups and sauces 

  • Confectionery of all kinds 

  • Dairy products Fruit products and many more



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