PANMOL® NADH is the biologically active form of vitamin B3 (niacin). NADH functions as a biological spark plug in the human body and ensures activity and vitality.

NADH is the strongest energy donor and the strongest electron donor (antioxidant) for the human organism. Due to these properties, however, NADH is also very unstable when exposed to light and oxygen, therefore this activity vitamin loses its effectiveness very quickly.

A patented method without the use of chemical substances has made it possible to make NADH non-perishable for years, and thus to preserve its effectiveness. This special micro-encapsulation also makes the combination with other active ingredients possible.

Technical data:

  • For capsules

  • Not soluble

Active ingredients:

  • NADH

Possibilities for your innovative nutrient product:


  • Improved memory and concentration

  • Improved intellectual performance

  • Increased alertness and attention

  • Improved heart output

  • Improved muscular performance

  • Cell and tissue protection (anti-aging)

Target groups:

  • Persons with high mental stress

  • Persons with concentration / memory disorders

  • Persons with permanent stress

  • Persons with depressive moods

  • Persons with accelerated ageing

  • (Professional) drivers

  • Persons flying long distances (jetlag)


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