Our Phyto-Vital Substances

PANMOL® VITAL SUBSTANCES are the results of decades of nutritional medicine research and development.

In contrast to synthetic, isolated lab vitamins, PANMOL® vitamins, minerals and trace elements as well as essential fatty acids offer a holistic range of plant nutrients. This unique completeness of vital substances provides for optimum tolerability, availability, and a broad range of effects.


  • the need-adequate, complete composition

  • the unique diversity of effects

  • standardized micronutrient concentrations

  • the worldwide highest concentration of plant micronutrients

  • a better bio-availability

  • the patented production process

  • the diverse technical usability

  • the broad range of applications


PANMOL® B-COMPLEX is a complete complex of all B-vitamins. It is made of quinoa sprouts from certified organic cultivation (COC quality). Unlike wheat, quinoa - the historical cereal of the Incas - is free from gluten.

In contrast to synthetic vitamins, PANMOL® B-COMPLEX contains not only the eight known vitamins of the vitamin-B group, but also a multitude of organically bound and biologically active B-vitamins that are otherwise present only in high-quality foods such as whole-grain cereals or wheat germs. By comparison with whole grain, however, the concentration of B-vitamins in PANMOL® B-COMPLEX is a hundred-fold higher. Read on...

* organic certification valid for US version.



PANMOL® NADH is the biologically active form of vitamin B3 (niacin). NADH functions as a biological spark plug in the human body and ensures activity and vitality.

NADH is the strongest energy donor and the strongest electron donor (antioxidant) for the human organism. Due to these properties, however, NADH is also very unstable when exposed to light and oxygen, therefore this activity vitamin loses its effectiveness very quickly. A patented method without the use of chemical substances has made it possible to make NADH non-perishable for years, and thus to preserve its effectiveness. This special micro-encapsulation also makes the combination with other active ingredients possible.  Read on...




PANMOL® VITAMINS are a complete complex of all the vitamins essential for human beings. PANMOL® VITAMINS are produced from quinoa sprouts, acerola cherries, sunflowers, Blakeslea trispora and contain all the vitamins essential for human beings in plant form.

Whilst synthetic vitamins consist of only 13 different substances, nature offers dozens of variations of these valuable vital substances. PANMOL® VITAMINS contain all these plant vitamin compounds and all (!) essential vitamins are therefore contained in this plant complex. Read on...




PANMOL® MONOSUBSTANCES are a high-quality alternative to individual, isolated lab vitamins. Embedded in a plant matrix, the respective vitamin is available to the human organism in optimal form - intracellular and partly biologically activated. Quinoa from certified organic cultivation is germinated with the respective vitamin.

Production is carried out within the scope of a patented process (analogue to PANMOL® B-COMPLEX), but with a higher standardized dosage of the particular vitamin. PANMOL® MONOSUBSTANCES are intended to balance singular vitamin deficits specifically or to provide PANMOL® VITAL SUBSTANCES the turbo effect. Read on...




Trace elements: Just a trace amount makes a big difference. Be it for optimal blood formation, ideal energy supply, smooth cell division or a strong immune system, supplying your body with the right minerals is essential for maintaining a healthy metabolism. 

PANMOL® TRACES, made from quinoa seedlings using the patented PANMOL®  process, offer a complex and balanced composition of 7 essential trace elements in a plant-based form. Read on...




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